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Progress report

Back when I started this website (in 2006!) it was essentially a social outlet with relatively little substance, except for occasional meaningless blatherings about math. Since then, things have changed–WordPress became a legitimate platform, Facebook took over the world, Twitter took over meaningless blathering–and my blog, for better or for worse, lay wasting away.

Perhaps it’s time for an online reinvention. (I know I say that about my blog every six months, but I mean it this time…?) My offhand personal comments have indeed migrated to Facebook and Twitter, but I feel that I should accelerate production of public, long-form, intellectual remarks.

As a heads-up, these will largely focus on math and/or programming language theory, a field I will be studying for the next n years as I pursue a Ph.D. in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. I have a number of ideas in my idea bag, but I’ll try to queue some up so that once I start blogging again, I’ll really blog like I mean it.

In preparation, I have made some behind-the-scenes changes to this blog recently. I went through my entire catalog of posts, most of which were sadly from 2006 and 2007, and reorganized them in an Academic/Personal dichotomy and added relevant tags. I then went ahead and hid all of my pre-2008 posts, because they didn’t really do much besides dramatically skew my tag cloud. Lastly, I added plugins for LaTeX and syntax highlighting (SyntaxHighlighter Evolved), and stole Adam Foltzer’s useful Scheme brush for the latter.

Now all I need is content!