Chicago Open 2008!

I’m leaving Bloomington this weekend to participate in the 2008 incarnation of the Chicago Open, an open quizbowl tournament (essentially, the ultimate national championship), held at the University of Chicago.

I will be playing on a team dubbed “Sophomoronic” with three other soon-to-be-sophomores, including one long-time rival and occasional teammate, Greg Peterson. The great prognosticators that be (i.e. Matt Weiner) have pegged us at 10th out of 17, which would be pretty cool if it actually happened. Unfortunately I’m extraordinarily out of practice, but I plan to read lots of music and science questions tonight, so maybe I’ll get back in the swing of things a bit.

More Chicago Open news to come later.

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  1. Anonymous:
  2. Lauren:

    Sophomoronic indeed 🙂

    Good luck, young’un!

  3. Brigette:

    Sophomoronic, eh? I like it. Fits :b When are you heading back to Bloomington?

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