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2006 ACF Fall - Packet by Harding A - #14 [report this tossup]
Literature — American
One youth in this work is notably called "Della-croy" by his comrades Bobby and Harry while playing with some rocks. Clyde Dunbar is missing due to a broken leg, but his son Horace is only 16, so Janey has to take over for him. Mrs. Graves remarks that "Time sure goes fast" and "Seems like we got through with the last one only last week" about the central event. Old Man Warner opposes its abolishment, while Mr. Summers just wants a new box. Mr. Martin and his son Baxter help set it up, after which Adams, Watson, and others come forward to participate. Eventually it is ended when Mr. Hutchison receives a black dot, which leads to his wife's stoning. FTP name this story about a fatal game of chance by Shirley Jackson.
Answer: The Lottery

2007 ACF Nationals - Packet by Illinois A and Kentucky - #23 [report this tossup]
Literature — American
Using paraphernalia created in the coal company office, this work's central event is related to "corn be[coming] heavy soon." It is suggested that the failure to perform a key action will cause people to move back to caves by Old Man Warner, who addresses qualms of the Adams'. Set in a village anchored by Mr. Martin, Mr. Graves, and Mr. Summers, this work ends with the cry "It isn't fair, it isn't right," issued by a simple wife. First published in 1948 in The New Yorker, it was perhaps inspired by the author's time in Bennington, Vermont, the residents of which objected to this story's publication. It ends as the drawer of a black spot, Tessie Hutchinson, is stoned to death. FTP, name the Shirley Jackson story about a random draw that takes place every June 27.
Answer: "The Lottery"

2009 ACF Fall - Packet by Maryland A and CWRU - #10 [report this tossup]
Literature — American
This story mentions an object that spent a year in the post office, some time on the shelf of Mr. Martin's grocery, and a year in Mr. Graves's barn. One character in this story is criticized for his decision to modernize by ending the use of wooden chips in favor of paper. The owner of a local coal company, Mr. Summers, organizes this story's title event. Eva is spared the consequences of her father Bill's misfortune by virtue of her marriage to Don. Instead, Bill, Nancy, Bill Jr., Dave and Tessie Hutchinson are picked at random, causing Mr. Delacroix to lift a giant stone to hurl at Tessie. For 10 points, name this short story that caused cancellations of New Yorker subscriptions, a work of Shirley Jackson.
Answer: “The Lottery”

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