Random Questions

1999 ACF Nationals - Packet by UT-Austin - #13 [report this tossup]
His first love affair, excised from the original book but published separately 60 years later, was with actress Vesta Dunning. His second was with the boss's glamorous daughter Dominique. Expelled from the Stanton Institute of Technology, this redhead could never hold a steady job because of his uncompromising attitude, despite his evident architectural talent. FTP, name this creation of Ayn Rand and hero of The Fountainhead.
Answer: Howard Roark

2000 ACF Regionals - Packet by Kentucky - #22 [report this tossup]
These islands are home to many megalithic monuments, inlcuding taulas, navetas, and talayots. A sill near Cape Nao links this archipelago to the sub-Baetic mountains, of which it is an extension, and is composed of two groups of islands, the western of which is called Pitiusas and which includes Formentera and Ibiza. FTP, name this autonomous region of Spain with capital at Palma, whose principal islands are Minorca and Majorca.
Answer: Balearic Islands (Islas Baleares)

2001 ACF Nationals - Packet by Subash Maddipoti (Playoffs Round 4) - #13 [report this tossup]
After a brief introduction, often interpreted as an expression of "once upon a time," the composer states the theme early on with a bravura passage for French horn. Contrived as a response to criticism for the composer's opera Guntram, this single-movement work for orchestra is characterized by abrupt shifts in scoring between instruments. It is in the form of a large-scale rondo and the various rondo episodes include the title character railing at preachers, making fun of intellectuals, and finally being sentenced to death. FTP, name this tone poem by Richard Strauss, centering on a medieval German pranskter.
Answer: Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks or Till Eulenspiegels lustiche Streiche