Random Questions

2007 ACF Nationals - Packet by Illinois A and Kentucky - #2 [report this tossup]
In mathematics, this name is given to a theorem derived by using the Cauchy integral theorem to discard low- and high-order terms of the closed path integral of the series expansion of a meromorphic function. That theorem relates to this, its namesake object, equal to the first negative-power term of the Laurent series of a function about an isolated pole, or to one over two pi i times the integral of a function about a closed contour enclosing a single isolated pole. In chemistry, this term is contrasted with moiety and refers to the portion of a monomer present in a polymer chain, especially an amino acid in a protein chain. In number theory, this is another term for the principal part of a congruence. FTP, give this term from chemistry and from mathematics, in which it is synonymous with remainder, as in everyday usage.
Answer: residue

2000 ACF Nationals - Packet by Maryland - #2 [report this tossup]
As amended, it severely limited contributions by individuals to political campaigns and the subsequent spending by campaign committees. Following disclosures that the Works Progress Administration was using their position to gain votes for the Democratic Party, this measure was passed and sponsored by the New Mexico senator after whom it was named. FTP, name this act passed by Congress in 1939 aimed at eliminating corrupt practices in national elections.
Answer: Hatch Act

2010 ACF Regionals - Packet by Editors 1 - #7 [report this tossup]
In one hilariously racist appearance, this character laments "he thinks he's speared a lion...he wants me to praise him" when his radio is impaled by an African named Thursday, whom he discovered in a crate of imported bananas. After riding a rhea to the Cantina Argentina, this character once drunkenly leered at a showgirl whom he had mouth-raped in an earlier appearance after failing to coerce her into making out with him by performing dangerous maneuvers; that love interest is saved by expandable granny panties when she risks suicide to escape this character's assaults, leaping out of a shoddily-constructed biplane this figure builds as a tribute to Lindbergh. More famously, this protagonist of The Gallopin' Gaucho and Plane Crazy drowns a parrot who ridicules him after abusing a series of animals to perform "Turkey in the Straw," earning the ire of Captain Pete. For 10 points, name this star of Steamboat Willie who, when not beating Jonas Brothers or abusing his girlfriend Minnie, serves as the rodent mascot for the Walt Disney Company.
Answer: Mickey Mouse