Random Questions

2006 ACF Fall - Packet by Harding A - #14 [report this tossup]
One youth in this work is notably called "Della-croy" by his comrades Bobby and Harry while playing with some rocks. Clyde Dunbar is missing due to a broken leg, but his son Horace is only 16, so Janey has to take over for him. Mrs. Graves remarks that "Time sure goes fast" and "Seems like we got through with the last one only last week" about the central event. Old Man Warner opposes its abolishment, while Mr. Summers just wants a new box. Mr. Martin and his son Baxter help set it up, after which Adams, Watson, and others come forward to participate. Eventually it is ended when Mr. Hutchison receives a black dot, which leads to his wife's stoning. FTP name this story about a fatal game of chance by Shirley Jackson.
Answer: The Lottery

2008 ACF Fall - Packet by Dartmouth A - #8 [report this tossup]
In one election, this man defeated Hal Suit after overcoming a man he labeled "Cufflinks Carl" in the primary. His presidency saw a scandal involving his budget director, Bert Lance, and he threatened military response to Soviet action near the Persian Gulf in his namesake doctrine. During his presidency, the United States entered into full diplomatic relations with China and ceded the Panama Canal to Panama. He also signed the SALT II agreement and brokered the Camp David Accords, though he is better remembered for poor handling of the Iran hostage crisis. For 10 points, name this former Georgia Governor, the U.S. President from 1977 to 1981.
Answer: James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr.

2008 ACF Regionals - Packet by UC Irvine - #2 [report this tossup]
This man's eponymous rule relates acidity to enolisation, and a dye precursor is formed from silver cyanide and ortho-nitro-benzoyl chloride in his eponymous isatin synthesis. Another reaction named for him has modifications named for Bellus, Eschenmoser, and Ireland, and it requires heat to form an o-allyl-phenol from an allyl vinyl ether via a pericyclic mechanism. In addition to that rearrangement, another eponymous reaction forms a tetrahedral intermediate before expelling an alkoxide group to leave an acyl substitution product. For 10 points, identify the namesake of the reaction that forms beta-keto esters from two ester molecules, which is known as his condensation.
Answer: Rainer Ludwig Claisen